AAUP is part of Together4PSU, a cross-campus coalition of PSU’s students and workers. Our allies include:

PSUFA (Portland State University Faculty Union)
PSUFA represents more than 800 part-time (or adjunct) teaching and research faculty. Both PSUFA and AAUP begin bargaining during spring term 2015, and this year we’re teaming up to imagine higher education that’s student-centered, educator-led and debt-free. Stay tuned for updates on PSUFA bargaining. If you’re an adjunct and would like to get involved, stop by the PSUFA office in the basement of SMSU, room 1.
PSUFA’s bargaining blog can be found here.

SEIU 503, Chapter 89 at PSU (Service Employees International Union)
Classified staff do everything from administrative support to graphic design to groundskeeping. They are essential to the healthy functioning of departments and units across campus, and they keep our university running. SEIU-represented employees at seven Oregon universities bargain together, statewide. They began their most recent cycle of bargaining this past winter. Click here to learn more about their priorities and progress, or stop by the SEIU office in the basement of SMSU, room 1, to get involved.

PSUSU (Portland State University Student Union)
“PSUSU is a union of Portland State students founded on the principles of horizontality, equality and direct democracy” ( The student union organized a walkout of hundreds of students in support of AAUP bargaining during 2014. PSUSU members have mobilized fellow students on a range of other higher education issues, and have worked alongside social justice groups including Don’t Shoot PDX and 15 Now PDX. PSUSU welcomes new members. Their office is the Green Space, in the basement of SMSU near Green Roots Café.

ASPSU (Associated Students of Portland State University)
ASPSU is the student government of PSU. President Eric Noll and Vice President Rayleen McMillan have been vocal allies for faculty during AAUP’s 2013-2014 bargaining cycle and beyond. Student government leaders have lobbied at the state capitol for affordable education, and AAUP members have been proud to stand with them. Visit ASPSU’s website for information on elections, leadership opportunities and volunteering.

AAUP also endorses the 15 Now PDX campaign, and stands in solidarity with PSU’s low-wage workers, including undergraduate student workers and food service workers.

AAUP works closely with Portland Jobs for Justice. Portland Jobs with Justice is a coalition of more than 90 labor organizations and community groups dedicated to protecting the rights of working people and supporting community struggles to build a more just society.