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Imagine campaign sign
Print it and post it.

Imagine leaflet
Envisioning a student-centered, educator-led and debt-free PSU.

Bike Sign
Come by the main office to pick up your Imagine Bike Sign Kit.

For AAUP members

Bargaining Priorities flyer
A summary of our current bargaining interests.

Press coverage

AAUP kicks off bargaining with “Imagine”
PSU Vanguard, May 19, 2015.
“Imagine higher education: Student-centered. Educator-led. Debt-free.”

Finding common ground
PSU Vanguard, May 25, 2015.
“Let’s have more people who can count on their job for more than a year.” — Pam Miller, PSU-AAUP President

You are not a loan
PSU Vanguard, June 1, 2015.
“We know that higher education is a human right and a civil right.” — Jose Padín, PSU-AAUP Vice President for Grievances

Student-centered, student-led
PSU Vanguard, June 1, 2015.
“I want [PSU] to be a place where professors can dedicate themselves to teaching and research full-time.” — PSU student Kevin Rackham