What do AAUP members care about?

 By Leanne Serublo, VP of Collective Bargaining

Over the past few months, the bargaining team has been visiting departments across campus.  We’ve been conducting listening sessions at department meetings.

The purpose of these listening sessions is to:

  •     Hear from faculty and academic professionals about issues on the workplace
  •     Identify top priorities
  •     Collect stories about our members’ experiences

The information we gather helps us get a sense of the big picture. We can tell how widespread an issue is and imagine constructive solutions that will benefit all effective areas.

We need to ensure all voices are heard! If you have not had a listening session and can help us schedule one, please email me at leaserbulo@gmail.com.


What’s IBB?

By Leanne Serbulo, VP of Collective Bargaining

In early May, PSU-AAUP begins bargaining our contract for 2015-2017. This will determine the pay and working conditions of more than 1250 educators, researchers, advisers, and other academic workers.

While we used traditional bargaining to negotiate our current contract, things are a little different this time around. We will be using Interest-Based Bargaining (IBB), which takes a more collaborative, problem-solving approach to contract negotiations. The two parties present issues, outline their interests, share all relevant data related to the issues, generate solutions that meet both parties’ interests, and hopefully, come to a mutually  agreeable solution. IBB works well for addressing complex, institutional problems. We’re optimistic that this process can help us make gains on some of the long-term issues that we have at this university.

Keep an eye out for our updates as we move towards bargaining!